Westmalle (abbey Our Lady of the Sacred Heart)

In brief...

1793 A groupe of monks arrives on a place called "nooit rust" (no rest) near Antwerp
1794 Official date of the foundation of the monastery (June 6th). A little later on, monks have to leave because of the french armies.
1802 Some religious come back to Westmalle
1811 Again, monks have to leave, because of the decisions taken by Napoléon
1814 Monks come back to Westmalle, they will stay there until today
1836 The priory becomes an abbey. The first brewery is settled
1861 First sale of beer at the abbey
1865 The brewery is enhanced and enlarged
1921 The brewery starts brewing again after the great war
1926 Hendrik Verlinden helps the monks of Westmalle in enhancing the brewing process of their Dubbel Bruin and Extra Gersten beers. This one will, later, become the creator of the Witkap Pater beers.
1932 The prior of the abbey deposits the name "trappistenbier"
1934 Construction of a new big brewery
1940 During the war, the brewing of the brown beer continues
1956 A new beer, the "tripel" is created. It replaces the former "blond"
2001 A new, ultra modern bottling unit is built in Westmalle.

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