Toutes les questions que je reçois par E-mail provenant de pays anglophones, cette liste de questions/réponses est en anglais.
These FAQ are written in english because it is mainly english speaking people who ask me questions about trappist beers.

Questions and Answers

Question : Where can I buy trappist beer in a shop in the USA ?

  • Answer : Look at the Belgian Style web site or try Vintage Cellar. Also, try asking the question to the BBB (Burgundian Babble Belt), they will certainly be able to help you

Question : Where can I buy trappist beer and belgian beers online ?

Question : Where can I buy trappist glasses ?

Question : Can I visit the trappist breweries ?

  • Answer : Most of trappist breweries do not allow visitors

Question : Can I nonetheless try to contact the trappist breweries to visit them ?

  • Answer : The adresses and phone numbers of trappist abbeys are here