Official Press Release of October 2005 - 7th, concerning the wear of the "authentic trappist product" logo on "La Trappe" beers.

The International Trappist Association (I.T.A.) announces that it grants the “Authentic Trappist Product” logo to all “La Trappe” beers (see footnote below) produced in the Koningshoeven Brewery by the monks of Koningshoeven Abbey in Berkel-Enschot (Tilburg, The Netherlands).

In 1999, the I.T.A. had withdrawn its logo for all the La Trappe beers after the agreement concluded by Koningshoeven Abbey with Bavaria  B.V.. The Association considered the situation so confused that it could not guarantee the authentic provenance of beers bearing the name of “La Trappe.” Consequently, Koningshoeven Abbey had ceased to use the logo.

To satisfy the logo criteria, Koningshoeven Abbey recently revised its cooperation agreement with Koningshoeven Brewery (a subsidiary of Bavaria B.V.): In this new agreement, the position of the monks resulted in the Trappist provenance of “La Trappe” beers being strengthened and guaranteed.

Further to an independent survey conducted in the name of the International Trappist Association (I.T.A.) and Koningshoeven Abbey, the I.T.A. now believes that “La Trappe” beers meet the criteria for the logo.

“La Trappe” beers are produced exclusively within a part of the monastery walls, where the Koningshoeven Brewery is a tenant of the abbey. In its capacity of owner, Koningshoeven Abbey decides about the use of the buildings.

As regards production – the management, quality, advertising and financing methods applied to make the “La Trappe” beers, the Koningshoeven Brewery operates completely under the control and to the instruction of the monks of Koningshoeven Abbey. The Koningshoeven Brewery (Bavaria B.V.) is only an executive authority.

The members of the monastic community work a few hours a day in the brewery. The revenues generated by the La Trappe beers enable the monks to meet the needs for their subsistence, to help their foundations in Indonesia and Kenya and to follow other social objectives.

Both the International Trappist Association and the monks of Koningshoeven Abbey are delighted that the confusion over the name, which had lasted for years, is now over.

Footnote: "La Trappe" can be enjoyed as a blond ale (Blond), double (Dubbel), triple (Tripel), quadruple (Quadruppel), white (Witte Trappist ) and "Bockbier". In the USA and Canada , "La Trappe" is marketed as "Koningshoeven Trappist Ale."